How Much Does Indian Wedding Decor Cost?

Planning an Indian wedding involves ensuring the wedding venues used for the ceremonies are decorated according to the tastes and budget of the bride and groom. I’ve been to many different Hindu weddings with some venues decorated lavishly and others more modestly.

How much does Indian wedding decor cost? Indian wedding decor costs can be expensive running into thousands for lavish wedding ceremonies, especially when large number of guests are involved. As the wedding venues need to be larger to accomodate large guest numbers, thereby requiring more decorations across the venue. A modest cost for decor is possible with smaller wedding venues and choosing less lavish decor.

Big ticket items in wedding decor can easily take upto 20% of the total wedding budget, the cost of setting and decorating the mandap can easily run into several thousands dollars depending on taste and style. Add to that the costs of hanging drapes, lighting, balloons, flowers and so on the costs, starts to pile up.