What is a Mehndi Night?

There are many ceremonies with Indian weddings and the pre-wedding ceremonies are a fun way to build upto the actually wedding day. Mehndi night is one of those fun ceremonies that I spent time learning about.

What is Mehndi night? Mehndi night is an important part of Indian weddings where the bride and her family and friends, lavishly adorn her and other females with artwork using henna, a paste that dries up and leaves a temporary tattoo on the hands, arms and legs.

How many days before wedding should Mehndi be done?

The Mendhi ceremony should be done 2-3 days before the wedding, giving ample time for the henna to dry and the design patterns to set. Some Mehndi ceremonies take place before the actual wedding day but this is dependent on the number of guests as a Mehndi artist is usually hired to apply the Henna and larger gathering may need hiring more mehndi expertise.

Mehndi is an important ceremony for the bride as she can get together with her family, friends and other female guests and enjoy a night of being at the center of attention.

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