What Should the Groom Wear to an Indian Wedding?

There is a lot of choice of clothing for Indian weddings for the groom and finding out the best choice is important to all grooms. I decided to investigate further and find out more about the choices.

What should the groom wear to an Indian wedding? For an Indian wedding what the groom wears boils down to how traditional the wedding is. With many grooms electing to wear traditional sherwanis, kurtar pajamas, jodhpuris, whilst less traditional weddings may have the groom wearing a suite.

What should a male guest wear to an Indian wedding?

Male guests can elect to follow the choice of the groom at the Indian wedding, by adhering to more traditional clothing if chosen by the groom or they can dress smartly. Wearing a suit and tie may be one option to dress smartly to an Indian wedding for male guests.

Traditional options include the following: